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Having been in the HPS DE business since 2005, Philips understands the needs of professional horticulturists. Philips has produced their best, highest-output lamp ever with the 1000 Watt HPS AGRO Plus DE EL lamp. 


Made in Belgium, this high frequency lamp operates at 400V. For perfect optical quality, it is filled with nitrogen and encased in quartz glass. A 1,000 watt lamp produces 2,120 mol/s, and a 1,150 watt lamp generates 2,400 mol/s.

 After 10,000 hours of use, double-ended HPS lamps retain over 90% of their output, so you need to replace them less frequently. Double-ended lamps are more efficient because they experience fewer physical stresses, thereby generating more light.  

Philips DE 1000W HPS Agro Plus

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  • Discounts for bulk orders & commercial accounts.

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