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SpecGrade's Verta-6F combines performance, engineering excellence, and price. In addition to improving trichomes and taste, the finely-tuned A1 spectrum will reduce operational costs and shorten grow cycles.


Professionals will find the Verta-6F to be the go-to grow light for the highest return on investment. The standard 0-10V dimming functions working together with the Grow-Connect ready (daisy-chaining) wiring harness makes the Verta-6F the perfect choice for both flower and veg.


Its modular design allows you to field any failed components without experiencing any downtime. While delivering unprecedented light levels and uniformity, the proprietary thermal management system radiates less heat onto the plants.



720W 640W opt.

PPF: 2050 µmol/s std., 1,800 umol/s (640 opt.)

PBAR: 2100 umol/s std., 1,750 umol/s (640 opt.)

Efficacy: >2.8 μmol/J (± 5%)

Spectrum: A1

Thermal: 100% Passive

Expected Life: 41,000 hrs.


Voltage: 120-277VAC, 347-480VAC

Surge Protection: 4kV

Dimming: 0-10V

Power Factor: 0.98

Current THD: less than 10%


LEDs: Proprietary blend of Broad Spectrum White and 660nm Red Diodes

Frame: Powder Coated Stainless Steel

Finish: Polyester Powder Coat, Antimicrobial Fnish Optional

Heat Sink: AL6061 Aluminum

Driver: Inventronics


Rating: IP66

Safety: ETL Listed to UL 8800, UL 1598, UL 8750 Standards

FCC Compliant: 47 CFR FCC Part 15 Subpart B


Mounting Height: 6-36" Above Canopy

Typical Footprint 48"x48" in.

Color: White

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 30°C



LEDs: 7 Years

Drivers: 5 Years


Dimensions47.75” x 42”
Height2.5” (w/remote driver)
3.5” (w/driver)
Weight23 lbs (without driver)
32 lbs (with driver)
Minimum Clearance6” to other fixtures, ceiling, racks, and all other objects.
System Power720W
PPF2050 µmol/s
Efficacy>2.8 μmol/J (± 5%)
Heat SinkPassive, Extruded Aluminum
Storage Temp-40° to +85° Celsius
Maximum Ambient Temperature30° Celsius

Verta 6F 640W Spec Grade

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  • Discounts available for bulk & commercial orders.

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